Cowboy Hat US Dime Puck & Pusher Set

The Cowboy Hat Dime Puck & Pusher Set is an UnMinted Coin Co. custom designed tool set, used for making cowboy hats from US Dimes.

The set includes:

  • Cowboy Hat Dime Puck (3D Printed with 1/4″ Delrin Inserts)
  • Dime Pusher (3D Printed)
  • Dime Centering Washer (3D Printed)
  • ¼” Steel G25 Ball Bearing
  • Vinyl Centering Washer Target
  • Instructions Sheet **
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The Details

Whether you’re new to coin jewelry or a seasoned pro, Dime Cowboy Hats sell well at shows, make great conversation starters, and are fun to make. However, they can be challenging – getting consistent results, getting a nice center dome, getting even brim folds with no scratching – this set makes it easy.

Start by annealing your US Roosevelt Dime (this makes it workable), then clean and polish it to your liking.

Use the centering washer and steel ball bearing on the 9mm hole of your steel dapping block for a perfect center dome, then use the dime puck on your press to fold the brim evenly and consistently.

** Here’s how to use the sets:

*Please Note:
– This product assumes you have a torch for annealing, a steel dapping block with a 9mm opening, and a 1T arbor press (or greater).
Any questions at all, please let me know.