US Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime | Coin Ring Pendant | 1965-present

US Franklin D. Roosevelt Dimes were minted 1946-present – designed by John R. Sinnock, consisting of a bust of FDR, “LIBERTY”, “In God We Trust”, Mint Mark, and Date on the Obverse. And, featuring an olive branch, torch and oak branch on the Reverse.

These coin ring pendants are handcrafted from actual US Dimes with assorted dates, 1965-present.

Handcrafted, individually unique, carefully worked, and hung from a waxed black cotton cord.

With time and wear, your pendant’s finish will naturally begin to evolve, a quick polish with a jewelry cleaning cloth works great along the way.


The Details

  • Handcrafted coin ring pendant made from a 1946-present US Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime.
  • Will be made with “United States of America | One Dime” side facing out, unless specified otherwise – please use the Order Notes in the Checkout for special requests.
  • You will receive an assorted date, ranging from 1965-present
  • Available in a brightly hand polished finish.
  • Coin ring pendant is hung from a waxed black cotton cord.
  • Delivered in an Unminted LTD branded kraft coin enveloped and card.