US Lincoln Copper Penny | Tabbed Coin Pendant

US Lincoln Memorial Pennies were minted 1909-present – designed by Victor D. Brenner, and features a bust of Abraham Lincoln, “LIBERTY” and “In God We Trust” on the Obverse. Pennies minted prior to 1982 were minted in 95% copper, and 5% zinc or tin – pennies dated after 1982 and are minted in 97.5% zinc with the thin copper layer, which would melt during annealing.

These tabbed coin pendants are handcrafted from actual US Pennies with assorted dates, pre-1982.

They’re handmade, individually unique, carefully worked, and hung from a waxed black cotton cord.

With time and wear, your pendant’s finish will naturally begin to evolve, a quick polish with a jewelry cleaning cloth works great along the way.

Wear a piece of US history.


The Details

  • Handcrafted coin pendant made from a pre-1982 copper US Penny.
  • Available in a brightly hand polished finish.
  • Pendant is hung from a waxed black cotton cord.
  • Delivered in an Unminted LTD branded kraft coin enveloped and card.