UnMinted Half Dollar "Bigfoot" Coin Cutting Marking Jig

US Half Dollar | Bigfoot / Yeti Coin Cutting Marking Jig

The UnMinted Bigfoot Coin Cutting Marking Jigs are designed for preparing your Yeti coin cuttings.

Please read the full description below – this jig works differently than the others.

The jig includes:

  • 3D Printed Bigfoot Tracing Jig for US Half Dollars
  • Instruction Sheet


The Details

Please Note: The other UnMinted coin cutting tracing jigs are much easier than this one, but, it’s BIGFOOT!!

The Bigfoot Coin Cutting Jigs are more detailed than my other jigs (and are too detailed to be able to use them with an Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie©). The best method I’ve found is using a mist of dark spray paint to transfer the shape onto your coins. It’s a bit messy, takes longer to prep, and the paint may build up on the jig over time, but, chasing Bigfoot takes effort and skill 😉

Holding the jig with the flat side up, place your coin into the pocket under the straight edge side of the jig. The coin should fit nicely into the matching pocket, and position it so that half of the coin can be seen. Rotate the coin as desired, then draw your center line to use as a visual guide in the next step (optional).

Move the coin over into the main pocket below the Bigfoot outline and rotate it as desired. I like to place a piece of painters tape across the coin holding it in the jig, and then place it with the jig up (sticky side of the tape facing up) on a paper towel. I then mist with spray paint to transfer the details onto the coin. I then use the tape to pick up the jig and flip it over onto the paper towel to wipe the excess paint off of the jig. Lastly, using the tape, I remove the coin from the jig and set it to dry.

Any other ideas for transfer, please let me know! You’re now ready for drilling, cutting, shaping, finishing!

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