KICKSTARTER | Funding Now! The All New UnMinted Cowboy Hat Doming Pucks!

UnMinted Cowboy Hat Doming Puck Set (Shown with Ball Bearings)

I’m pleased to announce a new tool I’ve been working on – the all new, UnMinted Cowboy Hat Doming Pucks.

The Doming Pucks are designed to work with the UnMinted Center Washers and ball bearings that come with the existing UnMinted Cowboy Hat Puck & Pusher Sets. So, if you already have an UnMinted Cowboy Hat set, these new Doming Pucks will work with it.

They feature precision cut steel inserts which are sized for each coin, and together with their matching UnMinted Center Washers and ball bearings, they make getting a perfectly centered dome, with a nice sharp clean edge, and with no loss of detail (aside from the coin itself stretching) very easy. And, without the need of a dapping block.

I’m launching the new Doming Pucks on Kickstarter where they’re available now for pre-order (at a DISCOUNT) in all 5 sizes – US Penny, US Nickel, US Dime, US Quarter, and US Half Dollar.

Please note: if the Kickstarter campaign funding goal is met quickly, I’ll be proceeding ahead of schedule to be able to fulfill the orders as soon as the campaign wraps up.

Also, if you’re interested in making Cowboy Hats using any of the UnMinted sets, now’s a great time, as everything is discounted through the Kickstarter campaign – the new UnMinted Cowboy Hat Doming Pucks, as well as, all of the UnMinted Cowboy Hat Puck & Pusher Sets, the Crown Creaser, and the Delrin® Mini Pucks – they are all available as “add-ons” for each of the campaign reward levels. This allows you to pick up the new Doming Pucks to use with your existing UnMinted Cowboy Hat Sets you already have, or to pick them up along with any of the matching UnMinted Cowboy Hat Puck & Pusher Sets you might have your eye on.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the UnMinted Cowboy Hat Sets, please let me know.

Thank you for all your support over the past 18 months, it really means a lot.

– Jonathon


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