Coin Ring Simulator

For best user experience, please enable “Desktop Mode” in your mobile browser, or switch to a desktop / laptop or larger device in order to use the Coin Ring Simulator.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Instructions Below

Step 1 - Find your coin images

Locate the Obverse and Reverse images of the coin you would like to simulate (this typically involves finding the images online, then rt-clicking on them to save them to your device).

Using the Image Icons in the side panel, select the images you would like to use for the Obverse and Reverse of the coin.

Step 2 - Enter your dimensions

Enter the dimensions (in mm) of the coin you would like to simulate. You can find this information through Google, or sites such as Numista.

Step 3 - Select your punch size

Select the punch size you would like to simulate, and your coin ring will be rendered in a US Size 10.

– Use the FLIP button to swap the Obverse / Reverse images.
– Use the ROUND button to simulate a “Fat Tire” style on your coin ring.
– Use the RESET button to start over and return to defaults.

PLEASE NOTE: The coin ring simulator provides an approximation of what your coin ring might look like by simulating typical punch sizes based on the coin dimensions entered.

* There is no warranty, neither explicit or implied, using the Coin Ring Simulator – it is for fun and approximation only *

* No images are transferred or stored on the web server *


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